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although I am calling them Folk Art Dolls to avoid the inevitable Hollywood associations. The show will be during mid-September and, hopefully, will generate interest in the course in Doll-making that I will offer again in the fall.
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My collar didn't win the Alkemi contest but that's ok, I like it. I need to take some pics and show them to the women at the art supply shop since they are interested in knowing what I've done with the bag of leather scraps I bought.
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also known as Monday, they will announce the winner of the Alkemi Contest (for which I created the Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Collar). At least now I can spell apocalyptic correctly (after posting all over the Internet about the collar)!!!
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just haven't been logged on to DA lately (except for making a quick check now and then). I could promise to do better in the future but the last time I did that, I didn't keep my promise. So I will TRY to do better! How's that?

And as usual I have a million gazillion ideas racing around in my fevered brain. . . (insert evil laugh here)
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and I ain't afeered to use 'em!

Translated into English, I have my powertools out and am drilling holes. . .in "things". . .
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Yes, Dear Reader, now is the time for all good pyromaniacs to come to the aid of their matchbooks! Inspired by the Aug. contest theme for #TextilesAlliance, I have been experimenting with scorched flowers made from fabric.
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You could use a nice bag and I could use the money! My crocheted & felted bags are available for sale at as well as many other goodies!
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The person who called me this meant it as an insult but *I* think it's pretty damn funny! Yes, the truth comes out! I am a Batik Witch! (insert wicked witch laugh here) Better not piss me off! I have a warped sense of humor and I ain't afeerd ta use it!
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I SO want to do a remake of this:…
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I've mostly been setting the scene so far. Believe me there will be MUCH more action in the near future!!!
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Since there is a "I need to pee" mood dohicky, why not have a "I need to puke" one as well? We queasy stomach people demand equal time! And equal dohickies!!!
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May is Zombie Awareness Month?

And while we are asking questions (and we are, AREN'T WE), why isn't there a mood dohicky for nauseated?
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is now open for bids as are many other wonderful Stargate goodies!

The annual charity auction for Doctors Without Borders (Läkare utan gränser) in honor of David Hewlett's birthday is now LIVE!!! ALL the items were donated; ALL the money raised by the auction goes directly to DWB so GO AND BID NOW Y'ALL!!!
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Tomorrow (Sunday) is the second annual arts-and-crafts Fair and I am really looking forward to it!!! Last year was great, very high quality work and friendly people (and none of the Diva types were there since it was "only a crafts fair").

In other news I am STILL looking for a suitable locale for the doll show. . .
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(such as various people being unimaginative dipshits) I have pushed the Dolls exhibit forward to Sept. That gives me the entire summer to work on it and will, hopefully, have me busy enough with fun, creative work that won't have such a problem with summer depression.

So, anyone who is interested in having a work (or several!) in this show, there's plenty of time to contact me for more info!!!
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Joyeux Noël
Hyvää Joulua
God Jul
Feliz Navidad

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So don't miss your chance to hang this in your home/office/personal meditative space!!!…
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My Mangrove bag and Violet bag as well as 2 others in a similar style are up for sale at…

Remember folks, it's NEVER too early to shop for Christmas, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, etc! Plus, if you buy now, you know that you'll get the item(s) in plenty of time for the holiday!
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Since 2010 is an election year, here in little Ulricehamn we opposition types are trying to come-up with reasons why people should vote for our parties and not the other guys. I am totally cool with the part where we talk with people and ASK them what they want to see in 2010. I am not so cool with one of the groups I'm in because some of the other group members are very out-of-touch with reality! This is, ironically, the group that is supposed to come-up with new ideas about Ulricehamns cultural life, leisure time activities and tourism.

Several of the other group members seem to think that this is 1955 and come-up with 1955-style ideas for activities!!! OK, this is a made-up example just to give you, Gentle Reader, an idea: "don't the kids like that new-fangled music, what's it called now? Uh, rock and um, roll I think." (/sarcasm off) But the real suggestions are about that goofy! Yes! If we get a majority in the kommunfullmäktige (County Council), everyone gets free Hula Hoops!!! Golly-gee-willikers!
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